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Securities Analysts Career

The economic growth and liberalization in India has had a positive effect on the capital markets as well. As the stock markets boom, more and more people tend to invest in the capital markets. The investors may take their own decisions regarding which securities to buy or hold or sell, or they may consult their stockbrokers for advice. The stockbroker utilizes the expertise of the research department of his firm to provide this kind of information and the people involved in such research are called securities analysts or market analysts. The job of a securities analyst is to research and evaluate companies, find out their profitability, look for indications of growth and expansion, project the company's future earnings and on the basis of their observations, make recommendations to clients on which securities to buy or sell.

Eligibility for Securities Analysts Career

Educational Qualifications:
The eligibility for entering this field is an MBA. The field is also open to candidates with a bachelor's / masters degree and experience in the financial services industry or statistical research. Trainee positions are available to candidates with bachelor's degree in business administration, finance or economics Or those with post graduate degree in commerce. Although there is no mandated training programme for analysts, it is often required that analysts earn an MBA if they do not possess one.

Personal Qualifications:
Should have computer, analytical, mathematical and problem solving skills. Should have excellent presentation skills. Self-confidence. Maturity as well as the ability to work alone. Should also posses skills like strong attention to detail. Understanding of tax laws, money markets and economy in general. People skills and salesmanship are also important.

Career Option and Job Prospects For Securities Analysts Career

A securities analysts job involves a lot of reading, research, meeting people, writing etc. The analyst has to study company history, and about its products and services. He or she may do so by referring books and trade publications, financial reports, by studying the public records of the company, or by participating in public conference calls or using reference services like Standard and Poor's Outlook etc. Based on this preliminary research, the analyst may shortlist companies in a particular industry he or she is dealing with and then proceed to study the same thoroughly. Analysts usually study an entire industry, observing and assessing the current trends in business practices and industry competition. They must keep abreast of new regulations and policies that may affect the industry as well as monitor the changes taking place in the economy, as such happenings affect the earnings of the companies.