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Statisticians Career

Statistics is a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. The Department of Statistics is involved in research, teaching, and statistical consulting for the entire University. Because of its activities, the collaborative work with other disciplines give graduate students a wide range of opportunities to work with individuals in these disciplines and to learn practical applications of statistical principles from direct experience. Statisticians collect, verify and interpret data and use the same to solve problems in a wide variety of fields. The services of a statistician are required in every field right from government offices to international sporting events. The job of statistician is not something out of the world, but something that affects each one of us in one way or the other. Different areas of statistics are crime statistics, census statistics, ecological statistics, medical statistics, statistics on job-seekers, on education, film statistics, cricket statistics, oil statistics, market statistics, accident statistics, labor statistics, population statistics, election statistics, district-city-state statistics, tourism statistics etc. All these areas require the analytical brain and comprehending ability of a statistician to interpret numerical data and explain to the common public what the numbers mean and how it can be beneficial to the common man.

Eligibility for Statisticians Career

Educational Qualifications:
The minimum educational qualification required in this field is a bachelor's degree with a major in statistics or mathematics. A Master's degree or Ph.D. is very helpful and often recommended or required for higher-level positions.

Personal Skills:
Statisticians must have good reasoning ability. Persistence Good Mathematical aptitude and be able to reason logically. Curious and disciplined mind. Good knowledge of computer skill Good speaking and writing skills Intellectual creativity Patience & persistence Attention to details

Job Prospects for Statistician Career

Statistician will find job opportunities in public sector organizations, financial institutions and major corporate conglomerates. They may also find employment in private companies. One can also appear for the Indian Statistical Services, Indian Economic Services as well as Civil Services exams. Colleges and Universities employ statisticians for teaching, statistical research, and consulting Because statistical specialists are employed in so many work areas, specialists who use statistics often have different professional designations like econometrician, bio statistician, research analyst, biometrician, epidemiologist etc. Working condition of statisticians is not tough. Statisticians usually work regular hours in comfortable offices. Some statisticians have to make numerous visits to give advice to people. Some have to travel to set up surveys or gather data. Others have a lot of different duties. These include things such as setting up experiments and doing fieldwork. Some teach and do research.