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Stock Broking Career

Stock Brokers are the professionals who are involved in buying and selling of securities for individuals or institutions in stock markets. As there is ample scope in this field, individuals can hope for a better future. Todays progressive brokers deal in billions rather than in millions. Brokers now have all their operations computerized and employ qualified industry specialists to advice on buying and selling of stocks.

Stock markets in India have gone through tremendous improvements in recent time with the introduction of various norms. These norms are for greater transparency in operations and the international trading and investment process. Indian stock exchanges, today, are dealing with big numbers and big buyers. The capital markets are undergoing transformation.

The National Stock Exchange or NSE provides nationwide facilities with access to investors all over the country. The automated, screen-based trading system using state-of-the-art technology makes market operations transparent. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been empowered by an Act of Parliament to protect the rights of investors and ensure the promotion and regulation of the capital markets. It is the regulatory body in charge of the countrys capital markets.

Eligibility For Stock Broking Career

The minimum qualification required to be a stock broker is a graduation with at least 2 years of experience in a stock broking firm. A sub-broker, the previous stage of being a broker needs to have passed the XIIth standard to be eligible for this job.

Stock Broking Career prospects

There are about 21 active stock exchanges in India with 7000 listed companies, 6500 brokers and 538 investment bankers registered with the SEBI. This statistics are very impressive by any standards. Prospects for the stock broking business are bright and for those who are qualified to handle this business and have the necessary personality traits to cope with it, the openings are many. Foreign firms are waiting in the wings to secure government clearance for participating in the stock exchanges. Indian brokers will, therefore, have to come to terms with real competition and ensure international standards of services to the investor. Brokers or stock market professionals are now either playing host to foreign investment bankers, who are looking for opportunities on the Indian stock market, or visiting fund managers abroad seeking investment here. Stock market houses are redefining themselves and the business of stock broking is highly visible today. Communication links between the dealing room and the trading ring are being improved.