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Agricultural Engineering Career

Agriculture is the most important sector in the Indian economy which contributes around 23% to the Gross Domestic products and more than 70% of the total work force is employed in this sector. Agricultural engineering is the engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineering combines the disciplines of animal biology, plant biology, and mechanical, civil and chemical engineering principles with a knowledge of agricultural principles. Agricultural Engineering, also called biological engineering. Agricultural engineering is a fairly new subject, its effect is being felt in India increasingly. In recent years it has contributed to agricultural production in the country both directly and indirectly. Agricultural engineers develop engineering science and technology in the context of agricultural production and processing, and for the management of natural resources. They apply their engineering knowledge and skills to solve problems relating to sustainable agricultural production.

Eligibility for Agricultural Engineering Career

Educational Qualifications: The basic eligibility criteria for a candidate aspiring to do a BE in Agricultural Engineering is 10+2, with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and preferably Biology. To become a qualified Agricultural Engineer one must have a graduate degree (B.E / B.Tech) or at least a diploma in Agricultural Engineering. BE / B.Tech Agriculture courses are of 4 years' duration while the diploma courses are of 2-3 years' duration.
Personal qualifications: Should have enough logic and practical thinking ability for inventiveness and innovation.

Career Opportunities for Agricultural Engineering Career

The career is interesting, challenging as well as rewarding. There are excellent career opportunities in Agricultural sector for engineering graduates in India. Agricultural Engineers have bright career prospects. Most Agricultural Engineers work primarily in modern offices or laboratories. They may spend some time outdoors or in food processing plants testing new equipment or new processes. They may spend time in food processing plants to oversee the installation and startup operations of machinery or equipment. They take proper precautions to avoid hazards when working with machinery, toxic chemicals, or farm animals. A fresh graduate of agricultural engineering can expect a salary of between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 per month at the entry level. After three or four years’ experience on good projects, one can earn up to Rs 30,000 per month. There is no limitation for the right candidates to progress in this field.