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Dairy Technology Career

Dairy Technology Courses are prepared with the objective of imparting valuable training and guidance to the students on packaging, processing, transportation, storage and distribution of dairy products. Dairy technology is based on the sciences of nutrition, bacteriology and biochemistry. As you enroll in a course in this technology, you will learn about various methods and processes involved in the prevention of wastage and damage of milk and milk products. The concept of dairy technology was popularized in India by Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL) in 1946, giving the impetus for imparting education in dairy technology. The National Dairy Institute in Karnal, Haryana was the first to introduce a course in dairy technology in India. Rapid development in the dairy industry is a boon for the dairy technologists as it also generates employment opportunities in dairy equipment manufacturing and technical consultancy.

Courses in Dairy Technology offered in India:
A candidate can enroll for a 4-year Bachelors degree course in dairy technology after qualifying in an entrance test held every year on an all-India basis. Two- year diploma courses in dairy technology are also offered by some institutes. Many universities also offer dairying as a vocational subject at the 10+2 level. A Masters degree in dairy science, animal husbandry and dairy science, dairy microbiology and dairy chemistry can also be acquired by individuals who have already graduated in dairy technology.

Eligibility For Dairy Technology Career

A candidate is required to pass the Higher Secondary or 10 + 2 Examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects to take an entrance test for admission to an undergraduate course in Dairy Technology. A post-graduation degree in Dairy Technology can be acquired by an applicant, who is a graduate in this subject.

Job Prospects For Dairy Technology Career

Dairy Technology is a challenging career which offers enormous prospects for trained professionals. There are now more than 400 dairy plants in the country and many Dairy equipment manufacturers. Openings for a dairy technologist are available in both the public and the private sector. They can find job in dairy farms, cooperatives, rural banks, milk product processing and manufacturing industries. Quality control departments also recruit dairy technologists. A large number of dairy technologists also start their own business such as small-scale milk plants, creamery, ice-cream units etc or work as consultants. A consultant, however, needs several years of working experience in dairy farms to be successful. Besides there are opportunities for teaching as well as Research and development which is another growing area, crucial for the dairy industry.