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Forestry and Wildlife Career

Forests and rangelands supply wood products, livestock forage, water and minerals; serve as locations for a number of recreational activities and also provide habitants for various species of wildlife.Today, there is a growing concern for the environment and its creatures and many individuals are devoting their time and pursuing careers that work toward the conservation of forests and the protection of the wildlife.Careers in forestry, wildlife conservation and natural resources industries vary.Forestry and wildlife specialists work in the outdoors for both private, public and government owned and managed parks, campgrounds, hiking trails, lakes, fish hatcheries and reserves.Individuals working in this particular field typically work in and run Forest Conservation programs, watch and protect wildlife, and monitor and treat trees for disease.Those who choose a career that focuses and the conservation of wildlife may specialize in wildlife research and management which includes the collection and analysis of biological data to determine the effects of the environment and the present and potential use of water and land areas.Other career options include wildlife area technician and research, wildlife law enforcement or a position that focuses on information and education.Wildlife biologists study the origins, diseases, behaviors, genetics and life processes of animals and wildlife.

Eligibility For Forestry and Wildlife Career

Various courses in forestry are available, at the graduate, postgraduate and diploma level, as well as at the Ph.D. level. Those with Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the intermediate level can go for B.Sc Forestry course. Further the masters level offers specialisation in subjects like Forest Management, Commercial Forestry, Forest Economics, Wood Science & Technology, Wildlife Science, Veterinary Science etc. The Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Nehru Nagar, Bhopal offers a study programme in Forest Management. There are also opportunities for doing Ph.D in Forestry at the recognised centres. Those with Bachelors degree in related subjects can appear for Indian Forest Service exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

Job Prospects For Forestry and Wildlife Career

Forester: The forester is responsible for protecting and regenerating forests, protecting wildlife habitats, checking for and fighting wild fires, landscape management and so on.
Dendrologists: Their work involves research on the history, life span, measuring, grading, classifying the varieties of trees, and studying ways and means of tree improvement through aforestation etc.
Ethnologists: An ethnologist studies and analyses the evolution, behavior, biological functions etc. of an organism in its natural environment. Ethnologists design healthy habitats for animals in zoos, aquariums, and laboratories and also study animal behavior.
Entomologists: Entomologists specialize in the study and control of diseases caused by insects and pests.
Silviculturists: Silviculture is an aspect of Forestry that refers to the growth of plantations that yield periodic harvests.
Forest Range Officers: Forest range officers take care of public forests, sanctuaries, botanical gardens etc. They have conservators, loggers and other junior personnel working with them.
Zoo curators: They are responsible for animal welfare in the zoos and also undertake conservation programs. Zoo curator plays a role in the administration of zoo functions and captive breeding programs.