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Poultry Farming Career

Poultry farming is a very changeable industry. Poultry farming is the practice of raising poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, as a subcategory of animal husbandry, for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Poulry farming in India was mostly a backyard venture till 1960s. Indigenous chicken constituted the major share. Their productivity was around 60-70 eggs per bird per year. During the past three decades the poultry scenario in the country has changed dramatically. Today poultry farming has transformed itself into an organized industry. It plays a major role in the fight against malnutrition and poverty among the rural masses of our country. The importance of poultry sector in solving the problems of unemployment and under-employment is well-conceived by planners and personnel in the developmental programmes. Among the livestock vocations poultry farming requires only less capital investment and it is same time has in added advancing ensuring quick returns. Over the last many years, the Indian poultry farming industry has been growing steadily with an annual growth rate of 20%. The present worth of Indias poultry industry is more than Rs.70, 000 million. The industry is also a source of bread and butter to over 700,000 people. A Number of factors have helped this industry flourish.

Eligibility for Poultry Farming Career

Educational Qualifications:
No limitation educational qualifications are laid down for this process, it would indeed be very helpful to have a basic qualification in animal sciences, zoology or related subjects. Graduates in veterinary sciences (B.Vsc. & AH) can choose poultry farming as a career choice.

Personal Skills:
  • Knowledge of poultry, including how to care for, handle and feed birds.
  • Care about the health and welfare of the birds.
  • knowledge of biosecurity practices to keep the birds free of disease farm management and administration skills.
  • Organisational and planning skills.
  • Practical skills for doing repair and maintenance work around the farm.
  • Hardworking and motivated.
  • Poultry farmers must be fit and healthy, and they should not have asthma or other breathing problems.

Job Prospects for Poultry Farming Career

Once established in the field and after attaining some exposure and expertise in poultry farming, one can set up own poultry farms. A large number of entrepreneurs in the country have taken up these types of ventures and have become quite successful too. Today’s poultry industry is a large scale and highly advanced entity with numerous job opportunities for well trained and motivated young men and women who wish to achieve a high level of career advancement. Can you visualize yourself as a broiler processing plant manager, a flock service technician, a quality control manager, a feedmill manager, a hatchery manager, a poultry veterinarian, a nutritionist, an agricultural engineer, a geneticist, or a marketing specialist.