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Rural Management Career

India is a country of villages and farmers. Most of its population lives in villages and rural areas. As the rural population is economically backward, it is the duty of educated masses especially the qualified professionals in rural management to assist the villagers in their process of development so that the whole nation could achieve progress and prosperity. So, for all those are deeply concerned about the nations development, a career in rural management can help them fulfill their desire.

Eligibility for Rural Management Career

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in any stream or its equivalent qualification with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. The next stage is the interview. Though the entrance test is open to all graduate, but it is better proposition for the humanities students to go for rural development course. To embark on this course, you would do well to have acquired a basic graduate degree.

Job prospects for Rural Management Career

Rural management students after passing out from the institute may get appropriate employment opportunity in government’s developmental agencies and Non-Government Organizations. They can also be hired on contractual basis to manage developmental schemes and programmes. However corporate run developmental agencies are favoured destinations for a section of rural managers. Highly talented people can find lucrative job options in UN and its specialized agencies or programmes run by them. International NGOs are also a preferred destination for many rural managers. Rural Managers also can run their own NGO and thereby directly be associated with rural folk. A fresh pass out from any rural management institutes can expect somewhere around Rs 8,000-15,000 salary per month. With gaining of experience in this field one can expect higher pay packages. Developmental agencies run by big corporate houses offer very high pay packages including other allowances like house rent and medical expenses. Independent rural managers running their own NGOs are drawing rich dividends in terms of money, popularity and prestige.