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Foreign language Career

Language skill can prove to be an important attribute in many professions. A career in foreign language has always been an attractive proposition, especially for those who have a flair for languages. Skills in foreign languages like French, German, Russian, Chinese and more recently Japanese, Spanish and Korean are in great demand. Opportunities start from tour operators, online content writers, technical translators or decoders, interpreters and translators. Interpreters need a thorough knowledge of the language because they have to transfer spoken statements from one language to another, where as translators have to translate written documents, which need excellent writing skills in languages. With the globalisation of Indian economy, multinationals coming to India and more and more companies going for joint ventures abroad have opened up job scenario for those proficient in foreign languages. Academic qualifications in foreign languages help in pursuing careers in the areas of tourism, entertainment, public relations and mass communication, international organisations, embassies, diplomatic service, publishing, interpretation and translation etc. Language skill is found to be very useful in some professions like Hotel Industry, Travel and Tourism Industry etc .Expertise in language is necessary for the jobs of Interpreters, Translators and Language Teaching.

Eligibility For Foreign language Career

There are three types of courses to pursue for a career in foreign languages, ie certificate courses, diploma courses and degree courses. Some institutes offer both basic and advanced level courses such as postgraduate and PhD, some of those extending up to five-six years. The eligibility for certificate and degree courses is 10+2. In most of the places, eligibility for the diploma course is the certificate course in that language.

Job prospectus and career options For Foreign language Career

Job prospects vary from secretarial, executive and public relation assignments as for translation and interpretation jobs. Translators are employed with industries, publishing houses, research and government organisations such as the ministry of external affairs (MEA) and embassies etc. Other job opportunities for a language specialist are travel and tourism sector, hotel industry, exhibitions and fairs, airline offices, export agencies, radio stations, trade organisations and teaching. For pursuing a career in teaching, a teacher should be a graduate in that foreign language and must have a teaching degree.