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Librarianship Career

Libraries are repositories of knowledge, information and entertainment. The basic aim of library is to spread knowledge. Librarian positions focus on one of three aspects of library work: user services, technical services, and administrative services. The role of a library is evolving from that of a location where paper records or books can be accessed to one where all kinds of media are stored, including virtual libraries, CD-ROM’s , the internet, as well offering the ability to remotely access numerous other sources. Librarians have traditionally worked with printed resources, but now work more with non-print materials including CDs, the Internet, and computerized databases. They must be showing their knowledge in using computers. Librarians are also referred to as information professionals. The job also includes an instructional role, such as showing users how to find information. For example, librarians commonly help users navigate the Internet so they can search for and evaluate information efficiently. Librarians in technical services, such as acquisitions and cataloguing, acquire, prepare, and classify materials so that patrons can find it easily. Some write abstracts and summaries. Often, these librarians do not deal directly with the public. Librarians in administrative services oversee the management and planning of libraries: they negotiate contracts for services, materials, and equipment; supervise library employees; perform public-relations and fundraising duties; prepare budgets; and direct activities to ensure that everything functions properly.

Eligibility for Librarianship Career

Education Requirements:
Diploma in Library Science: HSC or equivalent school leaving examination. Degree in Library Science: Graduation in any discipline Master’s in Library Science: Graduation with B.Lib.Sc.

Personal qualifications:
Analyse users' needs and provide the information they need; show users how to effectively search for information on the Internet and in other online resources; select and purchase materials and prepare those materials by classifying them according to subject matter; supervise assistants who prepare cards, computer records, or other access tools that direct users to resources; collect and organize books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and other materials in a specific field, such as rare books, genealogy, or music; coordinate programs such as storytelling for children, and literacy skills and book talks for adults; conduct classes; publicize services; write grants

Job Prospects for Librarian Career

Every college, university, government of media institution has a library. In the university library a person usually starts as semi-professional assistant and moves on to become a professional assistant first, assistant librarian next, deputy librarian thereafter, before he becomes a university librarian. One can apply at national librararies and archives, academic libraries, public libraries, science and technology libraries, media institutions, social science libraries, special libraries, government libraries and embassy libraries. Other opportunities exist at the information systems. Some of them are Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre (INSDOC), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Defense Science information center, New Delhi, and National Social Science Documentation Center (NASSDOC), New Delhi, Opening in ministries, attached and subordinate offices of the government and All India Radio Station or offices.