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Yoga Teaching Career

The word Yoga automatically calls to mind Sage "Patanjali" the founder and father of Yoga. He lived around three centuries before Christ, and was a great philosopher and grammarian. he was also a physician and a medical work is attributed to him. However this work is now lost in the pages of time. It is a science of right living and it works when integrated in our daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. The word yoga means ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’ and is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘to join’. There are too many misconceptions clouding the science of Yoga. People perceive it to be some kind of black or white magic, sorcery, physical or mental debauchery through which miraculous feats can be performed. For some it is an extremely dangerous practice which should be limited to only those who have renounced the world. Few others think it to be a kind of mental and physical acrobatism that is compatible only to a Hindu mind. The human mind is subject to certain weaknesses which are universal. avidya-wrong notions of the external world, asmita-wrong notions of the external world, asmita-wrong notions of oneself, raga-longing and attachment for sensory objects and affections, dweshad is like and hatred for objects and persons, and abinivesha or the love of life are the five defects of the mind that must be removed. Yoga, the constant meditation and introspection eradicate these mental flaws.
The Yoga of Patanjali is Ashtanga or comprised of 8 limbs. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyashara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi.

Eligibility for Yoga Teaching Career

Educational Qualifications:
Diploma Course in Yoga Therapy Diploma course in Yoga Education / Yogic studies Teacher Training in Yoga therapy( certificate course in Yoga therapy)
B.A/B.S.C in Yoga therapy, Eligibility: graduation, preferably in Philosophy M.A/M.S.C in yoga therapy, Eligibility: B.A/ B.S.C in yoga therapy

Job Opportunities in Yoga Teaching Career

Becoming a yoga teacher is a rewarding step with a large number of job opportunities. Yoga is currently very popular, due in large part to its low-impact yet surprisingly challenging workout. Deciding to become a yoga teacher will certainly improve your employment opportunities Yoga can offer two major kinds of career, one in the field of research and training and another as a yoga therapist, one who cures ailments through yoga. As the craze for yoga is rising several vistas are opening for yoga professionals. One can get a job as an instructor in resorts, schools, health centers and even TV channels. Starting a yoga therapy center of one's own is another good career option. In India a beginner usually starts with a remuneration of Rs.10,000 which eventually goes up to Rs.40,000 - Rs.50,000.