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Industrial Engineering Career

Industrial engineering is one of the earliest fields to utilize computers in research, education, and practice. Over the years, computers and electronic communication have become an integral part of industrial engineering. Industrial Engineering means concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of men, materials, equipment and energy, draws upon knowledge and skill in mathematical, physical and social sciences, the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design. Industrial Engineering has in its fold many tools providing solution to every problem in an enterprise. In fact, the origin of every good management practice can be traced back to industrial engineering. This is also evident from the Relating success stories from organizations across the world. Industrial engineers determine the most effective ways for an organization to use the basic factors of production - people, machines, materials, information, and energy - to make a product or to provide a service. They are the bridge between management goals and operational performance. They are more concerned with increasing productivity through the management of people, methods of business organization, and technology than are engineers in other specialties, who generally work more with products or processes. Although most industrial engineers work in manufacturing industries, they also work in consulting services, healthcare, and communications.

Eligibility For Industrial Engineering Career

Educational Qualifications:
To become a production and industrial engineer one needs to do at least BE (Production and Industrial Engineering) of four years duration. A candidate who have passed his 10+2 or equivalent with science as a subject is eligible for admission to the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering. The method of selection include entrance test and interview. Some institutions offer admission on merit basis also. Industrial engineering is also taught as a special subject after BE mechanical / electrical.

Personal skills:
  • Who wish become a industrial engineer he should have some personal skills, they are:
  • Creative mind
  • Inquisitive skills
  • Analytical and detail-oriented
  • Able to work in a team and communicate well, both orally and in
  • Good writing skills.
  • A strong base in computer application

Job Prospects For Industrial Engineering Career

There is a great scope for Industrial Engineers. They get the job in almost all types of industries and private sector also. The areas covering industrial Engineering include work-study, operations and maintenance, production planning and control, materials management, value engineering, network models such as Program Evaluation and Review Technique or Critical Path Method, operations research, computer science, financial Management, Statistical Quality Control etc. Typically, within a few years after graduation, industrial engineers move to management positions because their work is closely related to management.