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Robotics Engineering Career

Robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent. Robotics is a field of engineering concerned with the development and application of robots, and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. The many types of robotic systems include robotic manipulators, robotic hands, mobile robots, walking robots, aids for disabled persons, telerobots, and micro electromechanical systems. The term “robotics” has been broadly interpreted. It includes research and engineering activities involving the design and development of robotic systems. Planning for the use of industrial robots in manufacturing or evaluation of the economic impact of robotic automation can also be viewed as robotics. This breadth of usage arises from the interdisciplinary nature of robotics, a field involving mechanisms, computers, control systems, actuators, and software. See also Biomechanics; Computer; Control systems; Cybernetics; Electrical engineering; Industrial engineering; Mechanical engineering; Software engineering.

Eligibility for Robotics Engineering Career

Educational Qualifications:
To entire his field one can needs to know some of the fields that are used in it. For that, an engineering degree (B.Tech or BE- Computer, IT, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electronics, Electrical etc) is generally considered an ideal qualification.

Personal Qualifications:
Manual dexterity and mechanical ability. An aptitude for understanding blueprints and diagrams. Analytical ability. A willingness to collaborate with project team members.

Job Prospects Robotics Engineering Career

Robotics is offers excellent Job prospects for freshers. A specialization in robotics engineering may lead to potential career opportunities in manufacturing, research and engineering, agriculture, mining, nuclear, power-plant maintenance and a variety of other areas. Besides, there is great scope for qualified experts and researchers to associate themselves with different segments of R & D in robotics.