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Animation and Cartoon Career

The global animation industry has witnessed a rapid growth and the trends in the animation industry have the potential for further expansion. Students in a Computer Animation degree program learn to conceptualize and develop ideas for cartoon and animation and how to create 2D and 3D cartoon animation for use in digital media, film and software. A degree program in Cartoon Animation will prepare graduates for careers in computer animation, graphic artistry and desktop publishing.

Animation career is a gateway to the world of design and technology. If one wants to be successful animation expert one has to get the training in Visual Communication, Multimedia Production, Animation, Digital Video, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Video Game Design, Web animation.
Following are the Graduate, Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate career Courses offered by many institutes and organizations
  • Diploma in Media Arts,
  • Diploma in Visual Communications,
  • Degree in Animation,
  • Degree in Game Design,
  • Degree in Media Arts,
  • Degree in Visual Communication.
Apart from those graduate and undergraduate programmes, there are lot of short term courses like certificate courses in Computer Graphics, Digital Video Production and Multimedia courses.
Animation professionals can find great opportunities in the areas of computer animation, film animation, and a wide range of media businesses including Computer based tutorials creation, Web based Tutorials, Online educational multimedia educational contents, TV Production, Flash animation etc.