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Desktop Publishing Career

It is estimated that over forty percent of desktop publishers work for a periodical, directory publishers, newspaper or book. Only around twenty-five percent of desktop publishers work in printing or other related activities. Desktop publishing is foretasted to grow extremely fast within the next few years. This type of publishing is estimated to grow faster then other similar occupations. Employers tend to hire desktop publishers that are experienced. A desktop publisher usually works in an office environment. The environment is well kept, air-conditioned and very quiet. This type of publisher usually works an eight hour shift. Depending on the project deadline a desktop publisher may have to work weekends, holidays and evenings. The biggest drawback of desktop publishing is meeting tight deadlines. Deadlines can cause stress on an individual. Many desktop publishers complain of back discomfort, wrist and hand problems and eyestrain. These problems usually occur from working at a computer all day.

Eligibility for Desktop Publishing Career

Educational Qualifications:
A degree or certificate in graphic design and desktop publishing.

Personal skills:
A desktop publisher must be familiar with the format, computer software, text, photographs, numerical data, charts and other graphic elements that are used when publishing publications for the general public or a specific audience. A desktop publisher may have to edit text, write text or create images to go with the subject of the text while preparing a publication for print.

Job Prospects for Desktop Publishing Career

Desktop publishing is a great field for a creative individual who enjoys working on there own. Many desktop publishers perform freelance work. A desktop publisher can branch out on their own performing editorial duties or creating business cards and such for a business or individual. This is a versatile field that allows an individual to work on many different types of projects. Desktop publishing is expected to grow in the near future. Desktop publishers usually start out at a medium salary range. Many start out at thirty-thousand dollars a year or more. The amount of salary depends on how much training a desktop publisher has. Most desktop publishers at least have an associate’s degree or higher.