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Painting Career

Simply meaning of Painting is the act of applying paint to a surface. Painting is a mode of feeling, and the shapes are numerous. And it is the practice of applying paint, color or other medium to a support base. Paintings can be naturalistic and representational, photographic, abstract, be loaded with narrative content, symbolism, emotion or be political in nature. Good painting is the kind that looks like sculpture. It is the best social network for Art Artistes, Gallery, Museum&Fondation.

Eligibility for Painting Career

Educational Qualifications:
Bachelor of Fine Arts usually abbreviated BFA, is the standard undergraduate degree for students seeking a professional education in the visual or performing arts. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is a graduate degree typically requiring two to three years of study. It is a postgraduate study beyond the bachelor's degree level and usually awarded in visual arts, creative writing, filmmaking, or theater/performing arts. Coursework is primarily of an applied or performing nature with the program often culminating in a major work or performance. MFA programs have generally required a bachelor's degree prior to admission, but many have not required that the undergraduate major be the same as the MFA field of study. The most important admissions requirement has often been a sample portfolio or a performance audition.

Personal Qualifications:
To become a painter you need the ability to appreciate craft skills and be good at working with your hands. You should also have a real desire to learn new practical skills and techniques. You will frequently be required to solve problems using your own initiative and understanding of the Craft. Finally you need to have bags of enthusiasm and be fit and healthy as this is no career for couch potatoes! And you will needto be willing to work hard and be able to complete projects in a timely manner. For example, if the painter is working for a builder they must be on schedule because there are other trades scheduled to come in after the painter's job is complete, so if the painter is off schedule the whole project will be delayed and the schedules of the other skilled laborers will be compromised. Therefore the painter must be able to manage and coordinate projects effectively and constantly find ways to improve upon their performance. They must also be able to communicate effectively with their team members and customers to get the job done right.

Job Prospects for Painting Career

Lucrative careers can be made in the Painting and Decorating industry and they don't all involve a paint brush and a pot of paint. Depending on your level of creativity and numeracy, your career in the decorating industry can range from a Multi Skilled painter and decorator, including special effect and wall papering skills, to a Sign writer, Interior Designer, Owner Manager, Estimator or Contracts Manager to name a few. This is a career that could take you into all manner of environments from one week to the next - into offices, private homes, schools and hospitals: into places as diverse as football stadiums, shopping centres, churches and pubs.