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Radio Jockey Career

Radio Jockey has been with us for almost a century, but since the advent of FM channels the Radio Announcer suddenly being referred as Radio Jockey . These days a Radio Jockey not only plays a part of the navigator but his/her main aim is to entertain the listeners and at the same instant provide regular online information. Every successful RJ has its own style of communicating. Radio Jockeys are required for all channels of Radio, but a Radio Jockey is usually related to FM. Because FM channel broadcasts in stereo and has very good sound quality as compared to other short, medium wave channels. FM channels are relatively new medium and has gone through lot of changes since its formation. The style, expression, delivery, and content too has developed. FM Radio is a fast progressing industry with more and more channels opening up in every city of the world. First of all, an RJ does not have a regular 9 to 5 job. He can be called to host or anchor a show anytime of the day or night. An RJ has to be very open to himself. Whatever may be your emotions an RJ is always happy. He should be culturally active. He/She should know his/her city well, the culture and be aware of main events taking place. You should know of the language or further some dialects of other languages also, to punch in whenever necessary. Since Radio cannot survive without Movies, Songs or Bollywood in terms of India, so awareness about them is considered a necessity. An RJ should also be able to write scripts for a show. One thing more if you have written your script yourself, you know of the subject matter and can change or manipulate at your own will.

Eligibility for Radio Jockey Career

Personal Qualifications:
He should not be more than 35 years of age. And he should have good command over language, good sense of sound and music, good sense of humor, good diction, proper voice modulation. He should have original and have a unique style, Enjoy talking to people. And any other voice performance qualities like mimicry, local dialects and comedy or humor items will help him. Radio Jockeying depends on how he deliver, his originality, the punch in his content, his style, his personality, how he present his programme and further how he connect with his audience.

Job Prospects for Radio Jockey Career

There is a lot of scope for quick growth. With the increase of such channels there will definitely be large requirement for such persons. He should more than 35 years. Radio Jokey does not have a regular 9 to 5 job. He/she can be called to host a show at anytime of the day or night. An RJ also has no holidays. He works every single day and has to enjoy it and not think his work a small job. He get salary Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. But these are just the beginnings and are on the lower sides. After a few years experience one can see a sharp rise in their incomes. Besides Radio Jockeys can earn more by doing voiceovers, advertisement jingles for radios, television channels and corporate houses. These groups prefer radio jockeys because of their voice standard. All of a sudden, a job in radio is respectable. he can easily land extra money spinning jobs like voice overs, MC shows, host live shows.