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Story Writing Career

Story Writers write the stories for film and serials. They create and write the screenplays, without which there would be no actions to film, no words to record, no emotions to convey; in short, no movie or television program. Some writers sit alone in a room and write entire screenplays; others, writing for television, may be responsible for creating the plot bible for the entire season and writing or co-writing individual episodes; some writers are hired to rewrite existing screenplays, which can vary from a final polish to a complete overhaul. Others fill even narrower parameters, like punching up existing jokes or writing new ones, or tailoring dialogue to a particular actor's limitations. Some writers adapt their own literary work for the screen; others are hired to adapt existing books. Many writers specialize in a specific genre, like action/adventure, drama, comedy, or medical- or legal-themed material. Some work solely in television, and may further specialize in made-for-television movies, dramatic series, or sitcoms.

Eligibility for Story Writing Career

To become a good story writer in any capacity there is only one way to do it - write. There are no shortcuts. Have a working knowledge of grammar. This means knowing proper language and sentence structures, as well as being acquainted with such language constructs as colloquialisms, current slang and speech patterns common to various locations around the world. The ability to embellish your story line with indicators of time and place will make your writing more interesting and attractive to the average reader.

Job Prospects for Story Writing Career

Creative writing has a lot of scope. One can become a journalist, a short story writer, a novelist, a playwright, a copywriter -- the possibilities are endless. There are dozens of ways for graduates to launch a professional screenwriting career, including making short films, working for production companies, winning contests, working in development, interning on a film or TV show, and more. Here are some ways graduates have successfully launched their careers in the film & TV industry.