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Technical Writing Career

Technical writing or Technical communication is all about communicating an idea to particular readers in an easily understandable way. The field is gaining more importance in this current period of fast technological advancement. Companies need the help of a Technical writer or Technical communication professional, in order to translate or explain the technical usage of their products in simple language so that even a common man who could not understand the technical words and language could figure out the advantages or the operation of their products or services. In short, Technical writers specialise in writing technology for non-technical persons.

Eligibility for Technical Writing Career

Educational Qualifications: Better scope for a science graduate with a one-year computer diploma course. A postgraduate degree/diploma in English literature, journalism, science or Electronics/Computers with a background in creative writing. Knowledge of DTP tools (Page maker), development tools (RoboHelp) and web tools (HTML and XML coding is a definite advantage for an online environment. Basic knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems, software applications and programming languages is an added advantage. Familiarity with Windows and applications running in the Windows environment is a must. Knowledge of software applications is definitely a plus.

Job Prospects for Technical Writers Career

A technical writer today can start with an average salary of about Rs 10,000-14,000 and earn up to Rs 35,000 in 2-3 years. There have also been indications in terms of vertical growth of an individual in the organisation. Today an individual can start at the entry level as a technical communicator, to become a senior technical communicator with 2-3 years experience, a writers’ team leader with 5 years of experience and move on to become the director of technical communications.