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Accessory Designing Career

Accessory design is one of the different forms of designing that complete the fashion image. Accessory designing is a field where jewelry, ties, hand bags, wallets, belts, hats, gloves and scarves are designed. Accessory designers conceptualize and create designs for Hats, Scarves, Shoes, Sandals, Hosiery Bags and handbags, Bows, Ribbons, Ties, Sunglasses and frames, Watches. Accessory designers usually specialize in a specific line of accessories, as well as the customers for whom they design these accessories, be it men, women, kids, moms, brides, and so on. Accessory designers must always stay in touch not only with trends in their own specialties, but also within apparel and fabric markets, in order to react to create pieces that complement the new hot styles in the market. Accessory designers work very much like fashion designers. Before creating a design for an accessory they carry out detailed research. They use their creativity to design accessories, make sample pieces and present their design pieces for marketing.

Eligibility for Accessory Designing Career

Educational Qualifications:
The minimum qualification for Accessory designing course is 10+2 pass with any subject. The course duration varies between 1-4 years depending upon the courses and institutes which offer it. Post-graduate courses in this field are available only in few institutes. These courses develop competence in basic skills and understanding of the processes and principles involved in lifestyle accessories design.

Personal Qualifications:
  • Good communication skills.
  • Creative mind.
  • Should have lot of patience.
  • Able to take stress and meet the dead lines.
  • Prepare a portfolio of their products and arrange exhibitions in places where the fashion conscious people frequent, so that they can have a look at their products and may be interested to buy them

Job Prospects for Accessory Designing Career

Accessory designers are in great demand in the fashion field. One of the most favorable and lucrative career moves in this field is to own a store. These days, one can see both online and offline accessory studios popping up everyday. Even though only a select few are able to grow astonishingly in large accessory lines, most successful accessory designers are able to earn decent income to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. The best part of being an accessory designer is that one does not need a licence or a special degree. But it is really very important to have a creative bent of mind and some inherent skills. Besides that, aspiring designers need to have some basic qualification that can help them enhance of manufacturing and production process; ability to keep production within a tight budget; handle stress due to deadlines.