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Furniture Designing Career

Furniture designing is the craft of making furniture. Furniture design is defined as fashioning goods for seating or storage from raw materials. Within this broad definition, humans have been designing furniture since they first placed rocks near the fire pit for the express purpose of sitting. Design by definition, though, implies the creation of an object that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. The concept of form follows function is a mantra among furniture designers, and for good reason. The rock can function as seating, but it is the form that ultimately turns function into comfort. Furniture designers create furniture for either mass or limited production, or create custom or "art furniture." Mass-produced furniture can include modular units, office furniture and residential furniture often used to supply chain stores and corporations. Custom furniture is often designed and produced for individual residences, museums, specialty stores and other businesses that have specific needs. Pursuit of this profession requires an understanding of architectural design, interior design and carpentry. Furniture designers should also be familiar with the history of furnishings and new developments in structural and decorative materials. In addition, furniture designers should have an extensive knowledge of color and textiles.

Eligibility for Furniture Designing Career

A successful furniture designer needs creative ingenuity, design world knowledge and confident technical skills. This intensive taught course helps design professionals and graduates to deepen skills and experience within the furniture industry, through the support of leading international contemporary designers and academics. This course provides access to highly skilled technical staff and traditional knowledge to develop innovative new models for contemporary, industrial and bespoke furniture design and production.

Job Prospects for Furniture Designing Career

Furniture designers either work for large manufacturing industries like Godrej and Usha Lexus, or in batch production companies like Studioline. Many set up their own design and batch production studios, undertaking custom- designed furniture. Others contribute to interior design teams, working on projects for the service sector, besides corporate organisations.