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Jewellery Designing Career

Jewellery designing is a unique art and is different than other art related field. Career in jewellery designing is one of the most lucrative professions today. At present jewellery designing shows a promising career prospect in India. If you want to do something different where you can dedicate your creativity and at the same time have a good career prospect, then jewellery designing is a perfect career option for you. Gemology is another stream of jewellery designing. Without a good understanding in gemology, it will be difficult to become a good jewellery designer. Gemology is the study of gemstones. Jewellery designers craft a wide variety of items either by hand or using the methods of large-scale production. Gemologists are involved in the identification, sorting and grading of gemstones. They also advise jewelry designers on various properties regarding the suitability of particular gemstones in different metals and types of settings.

Eligibility for Jewellery Designing Career

Educational Qulifications:
Minimum qualification to go For P.G courses and for other courses is 10+2. One can enter after 10+2 to the different jewellery design diploma programmes. There are many Certificates, Diploma programmes being provided by different institutes. Even Crash courses are being offered to the working professionals and students.

Personal Qualifications:
  • a sharp eyesight
  • creativity
  • imagination
  • aesthetic sense and a sense of color combination
  • knowledge of traditional designs
  • communicative skills
  • an ability to work hard and feel the pulse of the customers.

Job Prospects for Jewellery Designing Career

The students after completing the course can find excellent career options in jewellery designing house, export house, fashion house, freelance designing or at the same time opening their own production house. One can also find employment with the renowned names in jewellery brands such as Gili, Enchante, Nakshatra, Tanishq, D-damas and Swarovski. There are various websites where you can view India's Jewellery designing industry jobs.