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Textile Designing Career

Textile has an assortment of uses. Apart from clothing the containers such as bags & baskets are made from textile. Similarly the households like carpets, furnishings, window shades, towels, coverings for tables, beds and other flat surfaces are the part of textile. All of these follow fashion in various ways. The things which give different shades or looks to our house or office such as curtains, window shades and carpets even the bed covers change according to the current fashion. Even the bags and baskets have impression of fashion to the large extent. Textile design as an importent part of fashion industry. As a creative career option it offers all one wants glamour, money and popularity. Day by day textile design courses are gaining much popularity in India particularly among young people. It is because demands of Indian textile are on high both in domestic and foreign markets. Those with creative ingenuity and technical skills generally opt for the textile design course in India. Textile design comprises both surface design and structural design. Textile designers usually handle embroidery designs, print, weave and texture. A good textile designer is able to translate trends.

Eligibility for Textile Designing Career

Educational Qualifications:
Several kinds of courses are offered in textile design these days like Diploma, postgraduate diploma and certificate courses. For Diploma courses minimum eligibility is 10+2 pass or equivalent degree in any subjects. Generally most of the diplomas courses are of four-year duration. For postgraduate programme in the minimum qualification is graduation in textile design and allied subjects. Some institutes enrolled students through entrance tests conducted by the institute concerned. At the post-graduate level there are specialized courses in textile designing.

Personal Qualities and Skills
Although some designers are not directly involved in textile production, it is very important that you have technical knowledge of yarns and dyes, as well as manufacturing processes and limitations, as this will affect your designs. For example, some machines may not be able to reproduce a lot of colours, so you will be restricted to using just two or three colours

Job Prospects for Textile Designing Career

Textile designing is a highly remunerative career option. With growing market potential for textile products there is a wide range of career options for textile designers. They can take up a full time job in garment manufacturing companies, fashion designing agencies, textile manufacturers and retail world. They also can work under a professional textile designer. Export houses also employ a number of textile designers. There are also growing opportunities with government sponsored and private silk, handloom, khadi, jute and craft development organizations. With some experience textile designers can work as freelancers offering their designs to different organizations.