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Archaeology Career

Archaeology is the study of human beings, but there are lots of different kinds of archaeology that people practice today, based on the kinds of things they study, or the ways that they look at the past. Anthropologists have many interests, traditionally defined in four fields: biological and cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics. Since the sixteenth century and the first circumnavigation of the globe there has been an accelerating homogenization of surviving human cultures. Many have become extinct-through conquest, disease, and assimilation. The ethnographic accounts of anthropologists are the largest single body of literature about human life ways

Main areas of work
Archaeologists work in the field of numismatics or epigraphy. Numismatics involves the study of old coins, money instruments and other related objects such as medals etc. Through the study of these objects these experts provide insights into the past and assist in restructuring it with that experience and knowledge. Epigraphy is the study of ancient inscriptions with a view to interpret that for today. Apart from these specific specializations, an archaeologist could take up the task of preservation and maintenance of ancient monuments and priceless artifacts in various museums and other places

Eligibility For Archaeology Career

Post-graduate diploma in archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology in Delhi is the most sought after course in the field. Candidates who want to do this course need to have a Masters degree in ancient of medieval Indian history or an MA/M.Sc. with archaeology or anthropology. A minimum aggregate of 55 per cent is essential. A written exam and an interview is conducted on the basis of which the candidate is finally selected. To do a BA in archaeology candidates are required to have history as a subject in their 10+2. To do an MA in archaeology the minimum qualification is a BA in archaeology or related fields

Job Prospects For Archaeology Career

Master's and doctoral candidates in archaeology pursue their studies as well as work under qualified archaeologists. Museums, excavations, and classrooms are all places where graduate students work to gain experience. They are required to put long hours as they must complete their studies and work at the same time. Remuneration is slight, and graduate students rely on grants and other financial aid. A number of professors and doctors publish regularly and make discoveries that justify the expenses that their excavations incur.