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Brand Management Career

Branding is what your company is combined with, it’s who you are. In today’s presentation, I’ll be talking about building, maintaining and defending your brand. The art of creating and maintaining a brand is called brand management. Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand. this is a vital component of marketing that is applied to a product.Practically this involves managing the perceptible and intangible aspects of the brand. For product brands the tangibles are the product itself, the packaging, the price, etc. For service brands the tangibles are to do with the customer experience - the retail environment, interface with salespeople, overall satisfaction, etc. this is a challenge field.those who have good communications and ready to take responsibilities can prefer fot this field. Brand management is difficult to determine because the actual job description varies widely across the vast universe of consumer products companies. A different types of brands are recognized. Premium brand: A "premium brand" typically costs more than other products in the same category. These are sometimes referred to as 'top-shelf' products. Economy brand: Economy brand is a brand targeted to a high price elasticity market segment. They generally position themselves as offering all the same benefits as a premium product, for an 'economic' price. Fighting brand: Fighting brand is a brand created specifically to counter a competitive threat.

Eligibility for Brand Management Career

Educational Qualification:
To become a brand manager, you should preferably have an MBA degree with specialisation in marketing. But, you cannot become a brand manager overnight. People generally begin as a part of the sales team. After a sustained good performance for two to three years in the core sales unit team of an organisation, only the best and the brightest are promoted to assistant brand/ product manager and ultimately to brand manager. The competition is so tough that from a team of about ten people, only a couple make it to brand manager.

Personal Qualifications:
Excellent Marketing skills and good presentation skills Be a team leader, able to inspire others Be able to manage different projects at the same time Be energetic and passionate about their product specialty Be organized and methodical Be able to work well under pressure

Job prospects for Brand Management Career

An individual who has successfully completed a course in Brand Management can work as a Product Manager or Brand Development Manager in reputed companies. The remuneration of brand managers varies from organization to organization and generally depends upon the experience of person and the company itself. Freshers can earn anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000, whereas those with a couple of years of experience in fmcg industry can earn between rs. 25,000 to rs. 30,000. As the markets in India have become very competitive, the establishment of brands has become extremely important. As a result, the need for brand managers is more than ever before.