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Co-Operative Management Career

Cooperative management means foster free circulation of information within the company. A cooperative is a form of business ownership that consists of a group of people who have joined together to perform a business function more efficiently than each individual could do alone. The purpose of a cooperative is not to make a profit for itself, but to improve each member's situation. However, members of certain types of cooperatives do make a profit by selling their product and/or service to customers who are not co-op members. A Cooperative group can be defined as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. There are some definite and distinct attributes to it.

Eligibility for Cooperative Management Career

For a course in cooperative management, aspirants have to appear for an entrance test. The next stage is a group discussion followed by interview. Though the entrance test is open to all, but it is a better proposition for the humanities students to go for this type of course. To embark on a career in cooperative management, one generally requires a graduate degree preferably in arts/humanities with at least 50% marks.

Job Prospects for Cooperative Management Career

By completing the course in Co-operative management, students can seek a career in cooperatives, public, private sector enterprises, agro processing, urban cooperative banking and so on. With the spill-over effects of globalization reaching deep into the remotest of our villages and India's semi-urban and rural sector contributing quite handsomely towards nation's overall economic growth, cooperative management has surfaced as a lucrative career options for job opportunities both in the private and public sector.