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Foreign Trade Career

Foreign trade is the export of all goods and services to foreign countries and the import of all goods and services to the home country. Foreign trade is for the benefit of all countries. Foreign trade has made India richer. Products which are difficult to produce for India can be imported, which is good for the Indian economy. And this is without doubt the biggest influence on the Indian economy, the rise of foreign trade has forced India to specialise in the production of a few goods. These are mainly ores (the Indian mines), foodproducts and cheap products that are easily built using cheap labour. India is a big transforming country in the world, encourages every country to do business with it. And it is today one of the most exciting markets for foreign tradewith a large base of import and export centric industries. The Indianmiddle class whose size exceeds the population of several Europeancountries put together with a large purchasing power and skilled managerial and technical manpower provide India with distinct advantages in global trade.

Eligibility for Foreign Trade Career

Educational Qualfication:
To be an Export and Import Professional, a candidate needs to have a master’s degree in international affairs(The Master of International Affairs is a Professional Master's degree), economics or public policy and MBAs with first class percentage. The eligibility is graduation and the selection is usually through an entrance test, group discussion and interview.

Personal Skills:

Interest in finance and economy Skills in group/team building. Strong oral and written communication skills, including public speaking. Attention to detail, while not losing sight of the whole picture. Proficiency in organizing, planning, co-ordination and directing activities. Knowledge of foreign languages preferred.

Job Opportunities for Foreign Trade Career

The rapid growth of international trade in the country has now open the doors to highly rewarding job opportunities to persons trained in export import transactions. A large number of foreign multinational companies have been recruiting specialists and dare posting them out of the country. Thus an MBA with an international emphasis coupled with cultural and linguistic knowledge of other countries will be in high demand. The growing opportunities in the world market and the wide range of facilities offered to exporters & importers by the Government of various nations have encouraged more and more enterprises to enter the International Trade Sector. The implication of such a development on the job market is an obvious rise in the demand for export/import personnel. The handling of International business is done by export manager or International Foreign Trade Managers. They analyze technical data in business deals and understand international trade agreements and policies. Exposure to different countries, cultures and industries are important factors of the job. Their main work is to negotiate trade deals and speed up transactions. Often it is challenging to successfully affect business transactions with an international audience. They may specialize in commodities, textile, engineering goods, handicrafts, medical and chemical goods etc