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Personnel Management Career

Personnel Management is an important branch in Management of any business enterprise. It holds a key to all actions and successful management. It is also concerned with human and social implications of change in internal organization and methods of working and of economic and social changes in the community. Personnel management is not restricted to factories and wage earners. It is also important in offices, sales departments, laboratories, and in the ranks of management itself, where top officials must win the co-operation of their subordinates. Nor is good personnel management something needed, by private industry along. industries in Public sector, non-profit institutions, Government, and the armed services require personnel officer. he main aim is to establish a better coordination between all the members from top level management to down below the subordinates to have better cooperation, better focus to bring out innovative ideas, their objectives, understanding in the enterprise. Co-operative relationship is achieved within the enterprise by creating harmonious relations, genuine consultation and participation and system of effective communication.Personnel management should designed in such a way it will have the capability to respond to the changes. Maintain a good relationship within the organization; meet the enterprise social and legal responsibilities. Human relations have to be nurtured constantly in the enterprise. Only the enterprise, which is conscious of this need, can achieve their targets by efficiently handling their available resources for a particular process.

Eligibility for Personnel Management Career

A basic graduate degree or a higher qualification.

Job prospects for Personnel Managers Career

There are plenty of job opportunities for qualified Personnel managers both in public as well as in private sector. You can work as a personnel officer, labour officer, employee relations officer, labour and welfare officer or industrial relations and training officer in large industrial and business organizations, government undertakings, factories, mines, plantations, hospitals, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, professional institutions or organizations that have a large workforce. You could even start your own recruitment consultancy after you have gained some work experience. Briefly, the work includes payroll processing, recruitment, disciplinary action, evaluation, motivation and training, maintaining contracts, time sheets, holiday, sickness, maternity leave etc of the staff.