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Tea Management Career

Tea Management, though a rare career option. There are a variety of jobs one can specialize in a tea industry. The jobs put together is known as tea management. Tea tasting is one of the highly specialized area of work. Other areas are that of researchers, plantation managers, tea brokers, consultants etc. Tea is a beverage made by steeping processed leaves, buds, or twigs of the tea bush in hot water for a few minutes. The processing can include oxidation, heating, drying, and the addition of other herbs, flowers, spices, and fruits. The oxidation process is stopped after a minimal amount of oxidation by application of heat, either with steam, a traditional Japanese method, or by dry cooking in hot pans, the traditional Chinese method. Tea leaves may be left to dry as separate leaves or they may be rolled into small pellets to make gun-powder tea. In India, best tea growing areas are Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiris. And Karnataka best tea growing areas are Kodagu and Chikmanglore.

Eligibility for Tea Management Career

The minimum qualification for Tea Management is a Graduation. Other than Tea Tasters other courses require candidates to be graduates. Candidates with a B.S.C in Agricultural Sciences, Food Science, Horticulture, Botany or related sciences are preferred these days.. New entrants are taken on as Assistants at the plantation level. After gaining experience and competence an assistant can get promoted to the level of Assistant Manager, and then Manager of a tea garden. Most assistants can expect to become managers in 12-15 years of service. Potential tea tasters selected are trained on the job. Besides natural talents, vigorous training for a number of years is essential before becoming a professional tea taster and then a tea tasting manager. Besides acquiring skills in tasting, they need to work on their managerial and marketing capabilities too.

Job Prospects for Tea Management Career

Tea gardens are controlled by Managers who have junior assistants and Assistant Managers, depending on the size and requirement of the garden, to assist them in the smooth functioning of the tea estate. Their work involves supervision of all plantation work involved from planting to plucking, processing to packing and transport of tea to auction houses. New entrants are taken on as Assistants at the plantation level. Experience is the deciding factor in the appointment of a manager. It is a long wait as it usually takes twelve to fifteen years. The Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore offers a training programme on the supporting subject under the Indian Commodity economy