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Homeopathy Career

Homeopathy is a method of treating disease by administering drugs in small doses that actually have symptoms of the disease (Homoios = similar; pathos = suffering/disease). There are different types of homeopathy, but all homeopathic treatment are made from naturally occurring plant, animal or mineral substances. Homeopathy is demonstrated by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It came to India in 1810 when German physicians and missionaries came to Bengal.It is equally effective in dealing with long-term chronic ailments and acute illnesses like flu viruses, coughs and colds. Such treatment may generally continue over a few months or even years. Homoeopathy uses minute doses of natural remedies to stimulate the bodys natural healing energy, to help the patient to regain health. The remedies are made from natural substances such as plants, minerals and animal sources, but are highly diluted to make even poisonous substances safe, and potentized to enhance their energy. Homeopaths treat patients by stimulating the body’s own healing powers with natural remedies. Homeopathy is based on the idea that ‘like cures like’ that substances which cause symptoms can, in very small amounts, be used to cure or ease them. Homeopaths understand that the body, mind and emotions are not really separate and distinct, but are actually fully integrated. Based on this perspective, homeopaths seek natural remedies which fit all of a patient's physical and psychological symptoms. A homeopath could treat conditions from headaches, fevers and stress to arthritis and eczema. He treats the patient based on their lifestyle and emotional issues as well as their physical symptoms. Homeopathy today has been widely recognized as a popular alternative healthcare field, because of its emphasis on strengthening the natural immune system of the patients; holistic welfare, cost effective medication; ease of administration and absence of side effects.

Eligibility for Homeopathy Career

Educational qualifications:
Basically there are two types of courses available in Homeopathy. Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) of 4 ½ Years + 1 year Internship and Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (DHMS) of 4 years duration, including 1-year of Internship. A candidate having 10+2 Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English can pursue bachelor course i.e. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery. One can also undertake Diploma course. The MD program in Homeopathy is of three years duration which can only be pursued after completing BHMS course and also qualifying the all India entrance examination.

Personal Skills:
  • Have a strong belief in, and commitment to homoeopathy.
  • knowledgeable about disease processes and homeopathic remedies.
  • Enquiring mind and a Willingness to learn.
  • Good listening skill be able to inspire trust, and form a rapport with all kinds of people confident, enthusiastic and energetic to promote and build a practice.
  • Self confidence, competence and ability to attract patients.

Career Prospects for Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine is an enriching career option where one can earn money as well reputation. After completion of study & training in Homoeopathy a candidate can find job opportunities in both private and public sector. One can join government or private hospitals or clinics, charitable institutions, NGOs, research institutes as researchers, medical colleges and training institutes as teachers etc. A BHMS degree holder can also open up his own pharmacy after some years of experience. One can earn between Rs. 20,000 to 50,000 per month. However there is no limitation once the doctor becomes famous in the society.