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Medical Transcription Career

Medical transcription forms a challenging and enthusiastic career in the medical field. Medical Transcription is the process which medical records - such as patient history, consultation notes, lab reports, and pathology reports - dictated by doctors and other medical professionals are recorded from audio to text format. Medical Transcription is one of the fastest growing fields in health profession. Medical Transcriptionists are in demand in Western countries especially in the America where the entire health care industry is based on insurance and detailed medical records are needed for processing insurance claims. India provides an ideal location for conducting medical transcription with the large population of educated English speaking people and the comparative low cost which encourages companies abroad to outsource their work to the Indian Medical Transcription field.

Eligibility for Medical Transcription

Educational Qualifications:
Medical Transcriptionists are most eligible when they have completed postsecondary training through vocational schools, community colleges, and distance-learning programs. It is highly recommended for medical transcriptionists to complete a 1-year certificate program or 2-year associate degree that encompasses work in anatomy, medical terminology, legality in health care documentation, and grammar and punctuation in English. Several of these programs provide on-the-job experience under supervision. On-the-job training may be adequate for some, especially those who have come from another medical field, such as nursing or medical administration.

Personal Qualifications:
A person with good listening comprehension with good written English may easily get into professional medical transcription career. Accurate and speed typing Skilled in punctuation as well as basic grammar. A good knowledge on medical anatomy, terminology, medications, operative procedures, treatment plans and other issues connected to medical ethics. Excellent listening comprehension Aptitude to edit for transparency, errors and discrepancy

Job Prospects for Medical Transcriptionists

There is great scope for Medical Transcription as a professional career. Medical transcriptionists are paid around Rs. 5,000 per month, which can beyond to Rs. 20,000 per month within two years. As a trainee, though, you’ll get about half of that. As you climb, you’ll get to become a reader and progressively, an editor, levels at which salaries will climb. There are also additional carrots dangled by some companies, in the form of perks and performance-based incentives. Given that you’ll work no more than eight hours a day, that’s not bad at all. The medical industry is immune to recession; the demand for medical services is around the year and hence all subordinate products and services such as medical transcription will never decline.