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Pharmacy Career

India being a huge nation of about a billion populations, diseases both minor and major has been a curse upon the weak and the poor. In the previous centuries and almost till the middle of the 20th century killer diseases such as acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, depression, tuberculosis, measles and anemia etc. have been affecting thousands every year. With the advancements in medical science most of these diseases have been brought under control, with the help of high powerful antibiotics and other life saving drugs. This is where pharmacy steps in to fill the void. Pharmacy is health care profession. Pharmacy as a career option has always been in demand. A Pharmacists job is to prepare, mix, compound or dispense drugs and medicines, ointments, powder, pills, tablets and injections on the prescription of a medical practitioner, dentist or veterinarian. In detail, they are concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods or processes of production and quality control. Those in research concern themselves with synthesis of new drugs, new processes, clinical testing of the effects of such drugs on animals and humans, and obtaining the required License from the drug control authorities. A pharmacist is required to explain the mode and precautions regarding the use of medicines dispensed in a hospital pharmacy, prepare special formulations normally not available in the market, assist the physician in translation necessary information about various drugs, their contra-indications, incompatibility etc.

Eligibility for Pharmacy

To Start a career in pharmacy, a candidate needs to opt for D.Pharma or B.Pharma after completion of 12th class. Both PCB and PCM stream students can apply for these courses. Pharmacists must have a scientific bent of mind and should have interest in medicine. Pharmacists in research and industries should have excellent academic potential. An ability to work methodically, carefully and accurately is needed for work in hospitals, stores, laboratories and shop floors. Sympathetic attitude, caring mannerisms and a friendly disposition are required for dealing with patients.

Job Prospects for Pharmacists

Pharmacy as a career option has always been in demand. Pharmacist are get the job in such as pharmaceutical industry, government departments, universities, teaching hospitals, investigation and research institute. Pharmacists get the opportunities in Drug control administration and armed forces. Appointments are also available in sale promotion work as medical representatives. As a Medical Representative he keeps the medical practitioner informed about the new drugs and treatments developed by various pharmaceutical companies and thus indirectly promote their sales. Pharmacists must stand on their feet all day and the work can be continual. One other importance for pharmacists is maintaining clean licensure. A single error in dispensing medication can have catastrophic results and damage one's career.