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Psychiatry Career

Psychiatry is one of the lucrativeor profitable professional careers. Psychiatry deals with the mental, emotional and behavioural disorders in a person. The term was first proceeded by the German physician Johann Christian Reil in 1808. Psychiatry is a important branch of the medical profession concerned with the study and treatment of mental illness, is gradually gaining a lot of importance. Psychology is the systematic study of human behaviour in all its aspects, the study of the human mind as an individual and a part of society. Psychiatrists are the professionals who look after patients with mental problems, such as depression and schizophrenia.

Eligibility for Psychiatry

One who want to become a psychiatrist, he should attend the medical school and receive an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degree, after the MBBS. And also do a Diploma in Psychiatric medicine (DPM) from a recognized educational institute to become a qualified psychiatrist. After completing graduation or post-graduation in Psychology, He can also take admission in M.D. (Psychiatry).

Job Prospectes for Psychiatrists

Great demand is ther for Psychiatrists to get a job in this field. The mental tension and stress arising from modern lifestyles are common among rich people. In these cases the role of a psychiatrist becomes important. They can also start private practice at home or by opening their own clinics.