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Veterinary Science Career

Veterinary science is a medical profession that deals with the control of disease in animals. A veterinarian or a doctor of animals' primary responsibility is to look after the health and welfare of the animals. It also includes the breeding and scientific handling of livestock. Veterinarians can choose to work in urban areas, where the work would mostly include the care and handling of domestic pets, or with the government's animal husbandry departments. The job profile of veterinarians is probably much more than that of a general physician or a surgeon. They diagnose the disease; work to prevent and control animal diseases; treat sick and injured animals; prevent the transmission of the animal diseases to people and advise owners on proper care of the pets and the livestock. Approach in treatment can also vary according to different animals. Those handling domestic pets have to keep in mind the owner's attachment to the pet and provide individual attention and care.

Eligibility for Veterinary Science

A veterinarian should have a genuine love for animals. Aptitude and interest in the biological sciences are important. Scientific learning and undertaking of animals is required. Working with large animals requires physical stamina and quick body reflexes to tackle the animal's moody behavior. Other qualities are:- ability to inspire confidence in animals; power of observation and self-reliance; adaptability; indifference to the occasionally disagreeable conditions of work; the ability for team work.

Job Prospects for Veterinarians

In the veterinary field have a several career options. After a student graduates as a vet, he/she can opt for a Post Graduation or Ph.D. in specialized areas like surgery, andrology or medicine, or take up the job of a livestock development officer. Other than these, a vet can also join dairy and poultry farms as a doctor or become a marketing officer for a pharmaceutical company. The Army and the Border Security Forces also employ veterinarians for the care and treatment of their mounted regiments which have horses, mules, camels and dogs. Private practice is another option they can consider. Teaching is another option as experienced professionals are recruited in various institutions to train the new entrants to the field.