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Electronics Science Career

Electronics is a branch of science and technology. Electronics deals with the study involving emission, behaviour, and effects of electrons and with electronic devices is known as Electronics. It is distinct from electrical science and technology, which deal with the flow of electrons and other charge carriers through metal conductors such as copper. Electronics have wide application in our day to day life. All applications of electronics involve the transmission of either information or power.

Eligibility for Electronics science Career

The minimum eligibility for B.Sc Electronics is + 2 Science with Physics, Chemistry and Maths and for M.Sc in Electronics, one should have completed his/her graduation with Physics or Electronics as the main subject.

Job Prospects for Electronics science Career

Electronics has great relevance to industries, giving excellent career opportunities especially in high technology manufacturing industries. Students after completing graduation or post graduation in Electronics Science can enter either into the electronic industries such as control engineering, electronic design, computer-hardware and computer network or into the business world where the knowledge of fundamental physics and electronics are needed. Some can also take the option to study further and carry out research in the field.