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Nanotechnology Career

Nanotechnology or Nanotech is the branch of science that deals with the study of systems at atom and molecular level. The original meaning of nanotechnology - zettatechnology. Generally nanotechnology deals with structures of the size 100 nanometers or smaller, and involves developing materials or devices within that size. It has been found as one of the rapid growing fields in research which positively possess a great inherent potential. Nanotechnology is very different, ranging from novel extensions of conventional device physics, to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, to developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale, even to speculation on whether we can directly control matter on the atomic scale. "Nanotechnology" products that are on the market today are mostly gradually improved products where some form of nanotechnology enabled material or nanotechnology process is used in the manufacturing process.

Eligibility for Nanotechnology Career

Educational Qualifications:
For get a career in the filed of Nanotechnology, the aspirant must have a post graduate qualification in the subject. i.e they must have an M.Tech or M.Sc. degree in Nanotechnology.

Personal skills:
One should have a good background of physics and chemistry. Moreover, they should have an open, enquiring and scientific bent of mind with sound analytical skills and a natural propensity for research work. This is a field which requires a lot of hard work and what is most essential is a burning desire to work. Skills in mathematics and computer programming would be an asset. Any knowledge that can be gained through formal, informal and self education would add your potential and value. Nanotechnology is a technology intensive field which requires adequate lab training for expert handling of advanced equipment like electron microscopy and micro-engineering. An analysis in the field of Nanotechnology requires applications of varied fields including bioscience, medical science, environment, electronics, cosmetics, security and range of other subject areas.

Job Prospects for Nanotechnologists Career

The career opportunities in the fields of nanoscale science and technology are expanding rapidly, as these fields have increasing impact on many aspects of our daily lives. The major areas for the development of applications involving Nanotechnology are medical and pharmaceuticals, information technology, electronics, magnetics and optoelectronics, energy chemicals, advanced materials and textiles. Such also Health Industry, Food and Beverages, Agriculture, Communication & Media, Academic and Teaching.