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Photonics Career

Photonics is the field of sceince and engineering ancompassing the physical phenomena and technologies associate with the generation, transmission, manipulation, detection and utilization of light. Photonics is a hi-tech subject that evolved as a result of the fusion of optical technology with electronics. It is the use of light to obtain, convey or process information. These inventions formed the basis for the telecommunications revolution of the late 20th century and provided the infrastructure for the internet. Photonics as a field began in 1960, with the invention of the laser, and the laser diode followed in the 1970. By the development of optical fibers as a medium for transmitting information using light beams, and the Erbium-doped fiber amplifier. In Photonic system, information signals are conveyed as pulses of light and these optical signals are transmitted through optical fibres. Photonics is the science of mastering the techniques involved in the emission, detection, transmission and modulation of light. This sub-discipline of physics deals with the study of photons, the elementary particle of light. It also deals with the instruments required such as laser guns, optical fibers, optometric instruments etc.

Eligibility for Photonics Career

The minimum qualification for this field is 10+2 in the science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) with a minimum mark of 50% are eligible for graduation courses in Photonics and Optoelectronics. A candidate having a Bachelors degree in Physics and Mathematics, Applied Physics or Electronics can pursue M.Sc in Photonics or Optoelectronics. One can obtain M Tech, M Phil, and PhD in the field of Photonics and the eligibility is a Masters degree in Physics or Photonics. Some Diploma courses also that would help one to become a Photonics technician. Two-year technician programme help one to become a photonics technician. Apart from the educational qualifications, some personal skills are required in order to be an expert in Photonics.

Job Prospects for Photonics Specialists

There is a worldwide Jobs for Freshers with Photonics training. A Photonics specialist can work as Engineers, research, technicians or technologists, research officers in government and industry laboratories and as professional officers in Universities and Government offices. Manufacturing, design, development, systems and applications also. Photonics is a very active are of physics globally. Skilled people are in high demand and there is a global shortage of trained individuals. and there are always more jobs than applicants. Students with degrees in optics or photonics have job opportunities in national research laboratories and industries such as telecommunications, nanotechnology, lasers, optical materials, radiation treatment, and medical imaging.