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Gandhiji had dreamed of Ram Rajya for free India. The stories of ramayana tells about the man who usheredin a kingdom where all were treated as equal. Rama was an ideal son, an ideal brother, an ideal husband, an ideal friend, an ideal warrior and an ideal king. The stories of rama in ramayana is retold here so as to bring out all the virtues and qualities of this hero of Indian mythology. An ideal gift to growing-up and grown -up children of all ages.

Knowledge is ever expanding and never stagnant. Knowledge is supreme energy.Such an energy is ever lasting and so, science is also such knowledge which does not stop expanding and pervading.Science is the main branch of knowledge. Science has paved way for man to lead a comfortable life. The hierarchy of great men of science is the propreity of the whole world.

Just this is an attempt to introduce the lives and achievement of scientists of great eminence is made in this people section.It is also thought of making our student community to know the names of world famous scientists as aid to learn more and science and scientists.Hoping that this section would serve as an aiding assistance in knowing scientists, their investigations, their attitudes and aptitudes towards science, the period of their existence, their hobbies etc. This awareness is very much required in the present days where much is required for science to be taken as an important tool in the awareness of our surroundings.

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