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Burdwan University

Burdwan University
University Of Burdwan, Burdwan
The University of Burdwan, Rajbati, Bardhaman - 713 104,
West Bengal, INDIA.
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                    Burdwan is an anglicised version of the Sanskrit Vardhamana and the corresponding Bardhaman in Bengali. The origin of this name dates back to sixth century BC and is ascribed to the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankar, or Vardhamanswami, who spent some time in Astikagrama, according to the the Jain Kalpasutra. This place has been renamed as Vardhamana in his honour. A second view holds the literal meaning of the name, a prosperous and growing centre, to argue that this place represented a frontier colony of the progress of aryanisation through the upper Ganga valley. However, the Aryans failed to proceed further east. So, the name was retained. Archeological evidences suggest that this region, forming a major part of Radh Bengal, could be traced even back to 4000-2000 BC.
UG Courses & PG Courses Offered
B.A. in Fashion & Apparel Design B.A. in Interior Design
B.Sc. in Bioinformatics M.A. in History
M.A. in English M.A. in Political Science
M.A. in Philosophy M.B.A. (Insurance & Risk Management)
M.A./M.Sc. in Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing M.Com
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