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Guru Jambheshwar University

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar
Directorate Of Distance Education, Hisar, Haryana
Fax: 01662-276735

The Directorate of Distance Education of this University was established in 1997 by introducing four different programmes namely MBA, PGDCA, BBA, CIC. Since then a lot of head-way has been made in terms of number of programmes, number of students enrolled, number of study centres, production of quality self instructional study material (SIM) etc. Not only the new courses were added, but some of the courses were replaced by the new ones so as to make them highly job-oriented and enable the students to pursue them while being in Jobs and self employment. At present 14 under-graduate and postgraduate programmes are being conducted and the learning is imparted in two different modes, including directly by the directorate and through the study centres. Those students who do not find it convenient to enrol themselves through the study centres for whatsoever reasons, for them the facility to get enrolled directly in the Directorate of Distance Education of this University, is also provided. For such students, the directorate organises Personal Contact Programme (PCP) during which the teachers hold classes and satisfy the queries of the students. The Study Centres also organise stipulated number of classes of the students by devising the schedule suiting the requirement of the students. The students enrolled through the study centres get the needful material and information from the university through their respective centres. The study material is got prepared by the directorate with the association of specialists in the respective area of specialisation and the same is updated as and when the changes are brought about in the course curriculum as per need of the market. In order to have the interest of the students closely watched, the directorate has appointed course coordinators from the respective parent teaching departments for each of the programme. Notwithstanding the moderate amount of fee charged for each of course, the students have the facility to pay the same in half yearly instalments so that the students with limited means can also afford to get education. The prospectus is supplied to the SC/BC candidates of Haryana State at concessional price.

With effect from the academic session of 2004-05, the facility of distance learning in different programmes being offered by the Directorate, has been extended to the foreign students also for which the detailed guidelines are provided in the propectus.

MIB Master of Mass Communication
PGDCA P.G. Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
P.G. Diploma in Taxation P.G. Diploma in Environmental Management
P.G. Diploma in Bakery Science and Technology  

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