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Hyderabad University

University Of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
The Assistant Registrar, University Of Hyderabad,
Centre For Distance Education,
Hyderabad 500046
Ph: 258500-01

The University of Hyderabad, a premier institution of post-graduate teaching and research in the country, was established by an Act of Parliament (Act No.39 of 1974) on 2nd October, 1974 is the first Central University to be established in southern India. In addition to federal funding, it receives substantial research support from other sources at home and abroad.

The University is located on the serene and green vegetation spread over a vast stretch of land covering 2,300 acres and about 20 km from the city of Hyderabad on the old Hyderabad - Bombay road. Amidst the scenic environ-ment of the campus, several buildings catering to the academic needs, support facilities and residential requirements of the campus community have been constructed over the years. The University also has a city campus - ?The Golden Threshold? - the residence of the late Sarojini Naidu which was bequeathed to the University by her daughter, the late Padmaja Naidu. It is federally funded attracting the best among the students and faculty all over India. The University is a member of the Association of Indian Universities, (AIU), the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), International Council for Distance Education (ICDE) etc.

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