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Indira Gandhi National Open University

Indira Gandhi National Open University,
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068
Phone: 011-29533161, 29535934, 29533471, 29533340
Fax: 011-2953668

The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985. Today it serves the educational aspirations of about 1.5 million students in India and 35 countries abroad through 11 Schools of Studies and an elaborate network of 58 regional centres , 7 sub- regional centres , 1400 study centres, and 41 overseas centres. The University is making all efforts to take higher education to the doorsteps of the hitherto unreached. As of now, we cater to about 10% of all students enrolled in higher education in the country are enrolled with IGNOU. Apart from teaching and research, extension and training form the mainstay of its academic activities. It also acts as a national resource centre; and more importantly, functions as an apex body to promote and maintain standards of distance education. The University has its presence in 35 countries. The Commonwealth of Learning has recognised it as one of its centres of excellence. It also has the unique privilege of hosting the Secretariats of SAARC Consortium of Open Distance Learning (SACODiL) approved by Heads of Govts. of SAARC Nations and Global Mega Universities Network (GMUNET) initially promoted by UNESCO.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate Courses
BA B.Com
Bachelor in Nautical Science Leading to B.Sc. Nautical Science Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B. Ed Bachelor in Technology in Civil (Construction Management)
Bachelor in Technology in Civil (Water Resource Engineering) Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Hotel Admn
Bachelor in Tourism Studies  

Master Courses
Master in English Master in Hindi
Master in Political Science Master in History
Master in Economics Master in Sociology
Master in Public Administration Master in Public Policy
Master of Commerce Master's of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management
Master in Computer Applications Master in Library and Information Science
Master of Science in Hospitality Administration Master of Arts in Distance Education
Master in Tourism Management Master of Business Administration in HRD/ Finance /Operations/ Marketing
Master of Business Administration (Banking & Finance) M.A. in Rural Development
Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration

Diploma Courses
Advanced Diploma in Construction Management Advanced Diploma in Water Resources Engineering
Diploma in Creative Writing in English Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education
Diploma in HIV and Family Education Diploma in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (DCIM) leading to B.Tech. Mechnical
Diploma in Primary Education Diploma in Management
Diploma in Tourism Studies Diploma in Youth in Development Work
Diploma in Aquaculture Diploma in Nautical Science
Diploma in Women's Empoerment and Development Diploma in Value Added Products in Fruits and Vegitables
Diploma in Civil Engineering Diploma in Civil Engineering (Army Personnel only)
Diploma in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  

PG Diploma Courses
P.G. Diploma in Library Automation & Networking P. G. Diploma in Translation
P. G. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication P.G. Diploma in Radio Prasaran
P.G. Diploma in Audio Programme Production P. G. Diploma in Maternal and Child Health
P.G.Diploma in Hospital and Health Management P.G. Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
P. G. Diploma in Rural Development P. G. Diploma in Higher Education
P.G.Diploma in Distance Education P. G. Diploma in Management
P. G. Diploma in Human Resource Management P. G. Diploma in Financial Management
P.G. Diploma in Operations Management P. G. Diploma in Marketing Management
P.G. Diploma in International Business Operations Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
Post Graduate Diploma in Environment & Sustainable Development Post Graduate Diploma in Community Cardiology

P.HD Courses
Doctor of Philosophy in Education Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
Doctor of Philosophy in History Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Library & Information Science Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science
Doctoral Programme in Mathematics Doctoral Programme in Physics
Doctoral Programme in Hindi Doctoral Programme in English
Integrated Doctoral Programme in Physics Integrated Doctoral Programme in Mathematics
Doctoral Programme in Management Doctoral Programme in Commerce

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