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Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu gets its pride from the fact that the first Engineering institution to come into being in the country was the Survey School established in 1794 at Madras by the East India Company.

The Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics were under the control of the Directorate of Public Instruction and the Directorate of Industries and Commerce respectively. The Directorate of Technical Education was formed with effect from 14th October 1957, consequent to the suggestions made by the StateStanding Advisory Board of Technical Education.

The Technical Education Department under the control of Higher Education Department is a vast one dealing with Diploma, Post Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate courses and Research programmes in specified fields. Apart from the above, it regulates the establishment of Technical Institutions including Commerce Institutions such as Typewriting, Shorthand and Accountancy.Tamil Nadu has a glorious history relating to technical education. Tamil Nadu prides from the fact that the first engineering institution to come into being in the country was the Survey School established in 1794 at Madras by the East India Company. Out of this it grew as reputed College of Engineering, Guindy, and Chennai.

Today Tamil Nadu has success in developing its educational infrastructure and potential. Chennai has the best technological universities of the world including the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, and Anna University.Anna University is a unitary type of university promoting study and research in the field of engineering, technology and applied sciences. The varsity is not only popular among Indian students, even students from abroad visit the campus to have a glimpse of its academic excellence. The university has been trying to maintain an equal quality of education and uniform standard all through the state by implementing certain guidelines which are on par with international standard.

Tamil Naduhas 248 engineering colleges as per the 2006-07 data.

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. The list has institute details, courses offered with each particular institute.

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